Slatwall Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionImage
220913Plastic Utility Bin
220915Paper Towel Holder
2209163″ x 12″ Basket
220917Medium Wire Basket
220918Large Wire Basket
220919Angled Shoe Shelf
220920SW Gear Bag
220921SW Sports Bag
2209224″ Single Hook
2209234″ Double Hook
2209244″ Wide Double Hook
2209256″ Narrow Hook
2209266″ J Hook
2209278″ Double Hook
2209288″ Loop Hook
220929Hose & Cord Holder
2209301″ Snap Hook
2209314″ Snap Hook
2209326″ Snap Hook
2209338″ Snap Hook
220935Bike Hook
220936Small Tool Rack
220937Screw Driver Rack
220938Fishing Rod Holder
220939Adjustable Horizontal Bike Rack
220940Horizontal Utility Arm
220998Magnetic Tool Bar 13″
4001460Shelf Bracket – Combine multiple brackets with a melamine shelf to create a shelf accessory.

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