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Why Choose Studio G


Our Vision is to be West Michigan’s preferred design resource

for Closets, Glass and Hardware

providing quality, personalized, interior details that make a house

 into a beautiful & functional place, to call home.

Over the last two decades, our family owned and operated businesses, have grown and evolved to meet the demand for high quality products and tailored design solutions at a competitive price.

Originally formed as Glass Concepts, Inc. in 1995, and with the acquisition of City Glass & Mirror, and ORG West Michigan in 2010, our humble product offering began with shower enclosure’s, mirrors and wire closet systems and has advanced to include dazzling decorative interior glass & mirror applications, personalized storage solutions and specialty door & cabinet hardware.

Working with our Architectural and Building Partners, we have become the source for glass guard rails & stairways, wine rooms and exterior wind screen applications along the Lakeshore.

Today, as the newly formed entity of Studio G, we will offer complete design and fabrication services for all things Closets, Glass & Hardware-as West Michigan’s premier single source, Interior & Building Products Specialist.

We will advance our commitment to Continuous Improvement and will provide a Customer Centric, Team based Work Culture, which will fuel our passions for delivering a premium Client Experience, every step of the way-from inspiration to installation.

We look forward to providing the interior details that enhance the value of your home, your lifestyle, and that are a true, personal reflection of you.

Industry Leaders

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We are extremely proud of the team we have here at Studio G and would love for you to meet them!

Introduction to our team will be Coming Soon!

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Choices designed with the environment in mind.


Eco Elements

Earth-friendly choices

We know that what fills your home matters to you. That’s why we offer a collection of choices designed with the environment in mind.

Recycled content: The core of ORG Home composite panels is made of 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber.

Powder-coated accessories: Many ORG Home accessories are powder-coated—a low impact manufacturing process that is better for the environment than more common alternatives.

Forterra™: Named for the Latin words for “strength” and “earth,” it’s made with recycled content and designed to create more substance with less material.

Good intentions

How can ORG Home make you a more intentional consumer? When you’ve tidied your home with ORG Home solutions, it’s easy to see what you need—and what you already have. At a glance, you can inventory your garage, your pantry and your closet. If you’ve stuffed one too many sweaters on your shelves, you know it might be time to donate a few to charity.

Long lifespan

Life at ORG Home is always changing. We suspect it’s the same at your house. To ensure our products have a long lifespan, we make them super sturdy, almost endlessly versatile, and highly reconfigurable. So when your child graduates from stuffed animals to cell phones, you won’t have to start from scratch. You can rearrange, relocate or repurpose your ORG Home product—but you won’t have to replace it.

Environmental Impact

We know what fills your home matters to you, that’s why we offer EcoElements – a collection of products made with earth-friendly materials, made by a responsible company.

Made From Recycled Materials
The panels used to manufacture ORG Home products contain 100 percent recycled and/or recovered wood fiber, and are Environmentally Preferable Product certified by the CPA.

The wood fibers that make up the composite wood panels are unused lumber particles that would otherwise end up in landfills. Using these panels to create your ORG Home solution is a more resourceful process than building a system from solid wood – saving tress and avoiding landfills.

Made to Last
To ensure ORG Home products have a long lifespan, they are made super sturdy and highly reconfigurable. ORG Home products include a limited lifetime warranty and can be rearranged and repurposed, but they won’t have to be replaced – reducing waste.

Made for Recycling
ORG Home provides solutions for integrating recycling into your daily or weekly routine. With sturdy storage conveniently placed it’s a cinch to sort and stash your recyclables.

Healthy Household

Sustainable Living Tips
If your love of home extends around the globe, consider these three simple sustainability tips as you sort and stash your stuff.

Get Fresh
Stock your pantry with pull-out baskets to store and display fresh, local produce (many goods like tomatoes and potatoes fare better outside of the fridge). Plus, local foods require less fuel in their transport and fewer preservatives since they get to your table sooner.

Refine Recycling
Locate recycle bins in a place where it’s convenient for you to sort recyclables right after use.This makes your weekly recycling day a cinch. Give recyclables a proper rinse—ensuring they don’t contaminate the batch (or attract pests). Situate a paper-only mini-recycling center near desks and craft areas and consolidate weekly.

Simplify Cleaning
When you don’t give grime time to build up, you’ll be less likely to resort to harsh chemical cleaners. Organize for light, frequent cleanings. Consider storage solutions that lift your stuff off the floor, making way for a swift sweep or speedy scrub. Use see-through baskets and hooks to keep earth-friendly cleaning supplies at the ready: microfiber cloths, spray bottles, baking soda, vinegar, lemon.

Less Stress
Chaos creates stress. When your home is organized, you’ll live a more efficient and less stressful lifestyle. To go from knowing “it’s somewhere” to “exactly where” is a better scenario for your mental and physical health then chronically checking for misplaced items.

Breathe Easy
If indoor air quality is important to you, you can breathe easier knowing that the panels used to manufacture ORG Home products are certified as compliant with the California Air Resources Board Phase I indoor air quality standards. With very low emissions on our standard board, and no added urea formaldehyde on our plus board, you have the choice of “green” or “greener”.

Smart Savings

Being sustainable is the right thing to do for better health, home, community and the world we live in. Better yet, you’ll also save time and money.

Time to Enjoy
What you would do with an extra hour a day? A consumer study by the National Association of Professional Organizers found that more than half of respondents would save up to one hour a day if they were more organized. ORG Home solutions create efficiency so you’ll have more time to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Saving Space
We know it’s all about the experiences in the home versus the size – how you enjoy it and how it enhances your lifestyle. With a smaller footprint home, better organization maximizes your space efficiency and enhances your life. Plus, less material is needed, and less utility means more cost savings to you.

Forget It
Extra trips to the store can cost you time, money, fuel and frustration. Have you gone to the store for something you discover wasn’t needed after all? When you organize your pantry with ORG Home, it’s easy to see what you need and what you already have, so ingredients won’t be forgotten and won’t go to waste.

More for Your Money
Upgrading to ORG Home custom solutions can not only give a higher quality of life, it can increase the quality and value of your home. Realtors agree that a clean and organized home with ample storage help sell homes. In fact, walk-in closets are ranked as the top desired feature for those looking to buy a home.

Good Neighbors

Find out how we spell respect and responsibility

Homes for ORG Home
When ORG Home has extra inventory, it is donated to local Habitat for Humanity efforts. We’re thrilled to help new homeowners get the most out of every square foot—and enhance the work of caring volunteers.

Good Giving
How can ORG Home make you a more intentional consumer? When you’ve tidied your home with ORG Home solutions, it’s easy to see what you need—and what you already have. At a glance, you can inventory your garage, your pantry and your closet. If you’ve stuffed one too many sweaters on your shelves, you know it might be time to donate a few to your local charity.