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ENVISION an entry to your home… a workshop for your tools… a shelter for your gear… with plenty of space for parking the car.   a) Slotted walls keep often-used tools, toys and supplies off the floor and provide easy access. b) Drawers and doors of various sizes enclose and disguise an assortment of stuff. […]

Entertainment Center

ENVISION a gathering place for readers and game-players… a home for gadgets, games and albums… a stylish structure for your creative outlets… with plenty of room for family and friends. a) Include architectural elements to add interest or complement current décor. b) Allow room around speakers to maximize sound quality. c) Present favorite pages on […]

Kid Room

ENVISION a place where favorite clothes sleep at night… a shelf small arms can reach… a bin for bouncing balls… with plenty of room to grow.   a) Mount moveable hooks low on a slotted wall—so it’s easy to put things away. The wall is also a safe place to display artwork and other mementos. […]

Beverage Center

ENVISION a scene for shacking cocktails… a place to taste the pinot noir… a coffee klatch convenience… with plenty of room for party guests.   a) Rack up an impressive selection of reds and whites. b) Incorporate outlets to plug in a coffee maker, blender or stereo. c) Low-voltage lighting and a handsome display area […]


ENVISION elevated thinking for your lowest level… space to stow sports gear and fashions in the off-season… enclosures that keep things tidy and safe… with plenty of room to finish your basement.   a) Get equipment, tools and gear off the ground with slotted walls—hooks, hangers and baskets move when you’re ready to make a […]

Sustainable Living

choose wisely Reuse. Repurpose. Readjust—but don’t replace.When choosing storage solutions, look for durable products that adapt again and again for a long lifespan. Before you buy, find out what’s inside… Does the product contain recycled materials? How does it affect air quality? know before you go Extra trips to the grocery store cost you time, […]

Home Office Organizing Tips

suit yourself, your spouse, your students Before you plan your home office, consider everyone who will use it. Is this space exclusive to you, or does it include a spouse and children? Think about the postures they’ll assume and the stuff they’ll want to store when they bring work home, play computer games or do […]

Home Office & Media Center Organizing Tips

Whether you’re bringing work home, doing homework, or compiling the family books, a home office provides a convenient place to get work done. With the right solution, this space can blend effortlessly into your home, even doing double-duty as an office or media center. Here are a few tips to help a single small space […]

Guest & Multipurpose Room Organizing Tips

When you’re expecting company, welcoming a kid home from college, or making room for last-minute guests, a spare bedroom is a welcome addition. But the rest of the year, an extra bed may take up more floor space than you’d like. With a Murphy Bed, you get the best of both worlds, so you don’t […]

Entryway & Mudroom Organizing Tips

Turning your entryway into an inviting, efficient transition space can lift your spirits every time you walk in the door. Follow these simple tips to upgrade your entryway, foyer, or mudroom into a stylish, organized space that will always welcome you home. Have a Seat Create a convenient spot for tying shoes or removing them […]