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Teen Room

ENVISION hampering their clothes, but not their style… a private organizational tool… a space to stow books and bags… with plenty of room for self-expression.     a) Abundant shelves, rods, drawers, baskets and hooks make it easy to put stuff away. b) Display favorite instruments, skateboards or sports equipment—and keep them off the ground. […]


ENVISION an extension of your kitchen… a place for all your platters… a spot for Mom’s preserves… with plenty of room to expand your menu.   a) Entertain your taste for wine, your love for hosting parties, with racks that cradle bottles and delicate stemware. b) Lighten the load in your kitchen by incorporating small […]


ENVISION a central station for your family… a streamlined morning departure… a place to shed coats and boots… with plenty of room for the spoils of a major shopping trip.   a) Welcome each member of the family with a personal locker and cubbies for hats and accessories. b) Aerate damp mittens and gloves with […]

Master Closet

ENVISION VIP treatment for tops, trousers and tennis shoes… a way to see it all before suiting up… a peaceful place to start your day… with plenty of room to expand your look.   a) Avoid a shoe pileup on the floor by placing shoes neatly along a fence or rack. b) An island packs […]


ENVISION a triage for your lights and darks…a depot for detergents…an answer to your pressing needs (and folding and hanging)… with plenty of room to wash with care.   a) Include workspace for folding, flat-drying and stain removal. b) Wire baskets permit air-flow needed for ventilation and drying—and permit you to see what you’ve stored. […]

Home Office

ENVISION a home base for work and homework… a hideout for mail and bills… a fortress for your finances… with plenty of room to stretch your legs. a) Work the walls with shelved cabinets that round up books, binders and photo albums. b) Make way for technology. Will it be a stationary monitor and PCU […]

Hobby Area

ENVISION a nook where you nurture your creative side… a cache for your collections… your holiday workshop… with plenty of room to step back and admire your work.   a) If more than one person will work here at a time, consider a worksurface approachable from at least two sides. b) Integrate power access to […]

Guest Area

ENVISION a welcome rest for Aunt Martha…a hideout for linens and luggage…an open and shut accommodation…. with plenty of space by day for work, crafts, you name it.   a) Incorporate lighting for reading in bed and outlets for charging cell phones, cameras, etc. b) Enclosed spaces make room for your stuff without cluttering your […]